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National Electric Energy Testing, Research & Applications Center

Faculty Profile - Robert Nigel Hampton


Principal Research Engineer
Assessment Section Leader & Relianbility Program Manager

National Electric Energy Research, Testing & Applications Center

Mailing Address:
5351 Kennedy Road
Forest Park, GA 30297
Phone: 404.675.1831
Fax: 404.675.1885


Dr. Hampton was born in the United Kingdom. He received his bachelor's and doctoral degrees in physics from the University of Bath. After receiving his doctorate, he undertook two years of postdoctoral research into the dielectric properties of ceramic and glassy dielectrics over a wide range of frequencies.

In 1988, Dr. Hampton joined the R & D laboratories of BICC Cables Ltd., located in North Wales, whereupon he earned a master's degree in polymer engineering from Manchester Polytechnic. In 1991, Dr. Hampton joined the Supertension Cable business of BICC Cables, southeast of London. Over the next nine years, he worked within the HV & EHV cable business, building a number of internationally respected research programs. During this period, he pursued interests in the fields of HVDC, cable accessories, XLPE cables, applied statistics, and life analysis. Between 2001-06, Dr. Hampton had global responsibility for managing the technical and market activities for power cable materials (insulations, semicons and oversheaths) within Borealis AB in Sweden. In this role, he was involved in R&D innovation, customer support, and collaborative programs.

Dr. Hampton joined the National Electric Energy Testing, Research, & Applications Center in 2006, where he develops and manages a variety of projects related to the high field dielectric and performance characteristics of materials used in all parts of the electric utility industry. He also participates in a variety of industry technical organizations related to this field and is currently developing instructional programs related to the design and application of high voltage dielectrics, with particular focus on MV, HV, & EHV power cable systems.

Dr. Hampton is the author/co-author of more than 97 technical papers/presentations and is the holder of 18 patents or patent applications.

He is married with two children, but still tries to find time for white water canoeing/kayaking and downhill skiing.

Research Interests

  • Long length power transmission – DC & subsea systems
  • Lapped dielectric systems
  • Reliability enhancement through field testing – Commissioning & Diagnostic
  • Power (MV, HV, & EHV) cable systems
  • Properties of disordered dielectrics at high electrical stresses
  • Space charge effects
  • Application of statistical methods to performance evaluation of devices and networks
  • Endurance and life analysis in practical systems
  • Practical solutions for disposal of electrical equipment at the end of useful life

Distinctions & Patents

  • Member of CIGRE & IEEE
  • Chair of IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee: Subcommittee F – Field Testing
  • Observer for US of CIGRE SC B1 (Insulated Cables) WG38: After laying tests on AC and DC cable systems with new technologies
  • Convener & Secretary of CIGRE SC B1 (Insulated Cables) WG28: On-Site Partial Discharge Assessment of HV and EHV Cable Systems.
  • Swedish expert for CIGRE SC B1 & D1
  • Convener of CIGRE SC D1 (Materials) WG12: Materials for DC Applications.
  • Secretary of CIGRE SC B1 (Cables) WG1: Testing DC extruded cable systems for power transmission up to 250kV; Electra Feb 2003
  • Working member IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society; IEEE Std 930™-2004
  • IEEE Guide for the Statistical Analysis of Electrical Insulation Breakdown Data

Selected Publications

  • C. Riley, R.C. Hill, R.N. Hampton, “HV cable qualification for IEC62.67-2006 and ICEA S-108-720-2004,” International Conference on Insulated Power Cables JICABLE11 , Versailles France, June 2011, Paper A.9.5
  • C.L. Fletcher, J. Perkel, R.N. Hampton, J.C. Hernandez, J. Hesse, M.G. Pearman, C.T. Wall, W. Zenger, “First practical utility implementation of monitored withstand diagnostics in the USA,” International Conference on Insulated Power Cables JICABLE11 , Versailles France, June 2011; Paper A.10.2
  • R.N. Hampton, R.A. Hartlein, J. Perkel, M. Begovic, J.C. Hernandez, Y. Del Valle, “Diagnostic Testing of Underground Cable Systems” (Cable Diagnostic Focused Initiative) – Final Report DOE Award No. DE-FC02-04CH11237, 328 pages, 2011.
  • R.N. Hampton, M. Olearczyk, J. Perkel, N. Weisenfeld, “Cable Fleet Management,” IEEE Power & Engineering , Nov 2010
  • F. Ciuprina, G. Teissèdre, J. Filippini, A. Smedberg, A.D. Campus, R.N. Hampton, “Chemical Crosslinking of Polyethylene and Water Tree Propagation,” IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation , Vol. 17, Issue 3, pp. 711-717, June 2010.
  • J.C. Hernández-Mejía, J. Perkel, R. Harley, N. Hampton, and R. Hartlein, “Correlation between Tan d Diagnostic Measurements and Breakdown Performance at VLF for MV XLPE Cables,” IEEE Trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation , February 2009, pp. 162-170
  • H. Faremo, R.N. Hampton, J.P. Lönnquist, K.V. Poulsen, C. Phylipchyck, A. Smedberg, W. Weissenberg, & J. Åhman, “Improved productivity for HV cable manufacture,” CIGRE 2006 , Paris Paper B - 109.
  • R.N. Hampton, “Electrical insulation systems for energy technology and clean environment,” Nordic Insulation Symposium (NORDIS) , Trondheim, Norway, June 2005.
  • J.O. Bostrom, E. Marsden, R.N. Hampton, U. Nilsson, and H. Lennartsson, “Electrical Stress enhancement of Contaminants in XLPE Insulation used for Power Cables,” IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine , Vol. 19, No. 4, 2003.
  • J.R. Attwood, B. Gregory, M. Dickinson, R.N. Hampton, and R. Svoma, “Development of High Stress HV & EHV XLPE Cable Systems,” CIGRE , 21 -108, 1998.
  • C. Bert, C. Hennion, C. Alquie, J. Lewiner, R.N. Hampton, J. Freestone and S. Verne, “Measurement of space charge distributions under 50Hz AC stress,” JICABLE 1995, pp. 195-199.
  • R.N. Hampton, I.T. Collier, H.A.A. Sidek, and G.A. Saunders, “The effect of hydrostatic pressure on the dielectric constants and their temperature dependences, of phosphate and tellurite glasses,” J. NonCryst Solids 110 (1989) 213222.
  • R.N. Hampton, G.A. Saunders, and A.M. Stoneham, “The frequency dependent response of the electrical impedance of UO2,” J. Nucl. Mater. , 139 (1986) 185190.

Last revised on October 11, 2011