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National Electric Energy Testing, Research & Applications Center

NEETRAC In the News

Word is spreading fast about the good work NEETRAC is doing. Take a look!

September 4, 2014:

Surge Protection Devices Committee wins IEEE PES Technical Committee of the Year Award

NEETRAC’s Ray Hill is is an active participant and leader in this IEEE PES Committee.  He is Chair of the SPDC Low Voltage Subcommittee, Low Voltage Standards Coordinator, Chair of Working Group 3.6.9 Low Voltage AC Power System SPDs – Line Side of the Service Equipment, and Vice-Chair of Working Group 3.6.4 Surge Characterization on Low Voltage Circuits

September 19, 2013:

NEETRAC is heavily featured in the new he new GT Research Horizons article on the Smart Grid.

You can download the complete article here!

November 29, 2011:

The new and (hopefully) improved NEETRAC web page goes live!


November 16, 2011

Dear colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating Joshua Perkel on being awarded Best Presentation at the Spring 2011 IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee Meeting for his work on “Sensitivity of the Hot Oil Moisture Assessment for PILC Cables to Test Conditions.” The work has great practical impact in that >$10M of cable system infrastructure reinforcements are guided by such tests each year. The results show that significant improvements in efficiency could be made with minimal outlay by electric utilities. This work was part of the collaborative research program supported by the 40 industrial members of the National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC).

Josh currently works at NEETRAC, where he is very active in the fields of diagnostic techniques and reliability assessments. He was awarded his doctorate from Georgia Tech in 2009 for work on the effectiveness of diagnostic methods in a project that was supported by NEETRAC members and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Keep up the excellent work, Josh.

Best regards,

Doug Williams

Professor and Interim School Chair

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


November 15, 2011:

Dear colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating Miroslav Begovic on being elected as president of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES). Effective January 1, 2012, Miroslav will serve two years as president-elect, followed by two years as president and then two years as past president. During his tenure in this role, Miroslav will chair the IEEE PES governing board that directs the financial and administrative activities of the society, which the third largest in the IEEE with over 28,000 members.  

Miroslav has been heavily involved in IEEE PES technical committees for over 20 years, serving as working group chair and a member of numerous working groups in the Power Systems Relaying Committee and as a member and chair of the PES Emerging Technologies Coordinating Committee. He has served the PES in various administrative positions, among them chair of the Atlanta chapter, which is the largest chapter in the U.S.; chair of the Student Activities in Power Engineering Education Committee; secretary of the Meetings Department; chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee of the PES Governing Board; and as the Society's treasurer.

Miroslav's longstanding dedication to power and energy research, education, and professional activities has been and continues to be truly outstanding. I encourage everyone to lend Miroslav your support as he takes on this important leadership role.

Best regards, 

Doug Williams

Professor and Interim School Chair

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


August 22, 2011:

NEETRAC breaks ground on the newest addition to the NEETRAC campus. "Phase 3" will:

    • Double the size of the old Cable Design Aging Building to make a New Medium Voltage Testing Laboratory
    • Add 10 new offices and an Assembly Room

... and that's just the beginning!


June 17, 2011:

Dear colleagues:

Please join me in congratulating Sakis Meliopoulos on receiving the 2010 International George Montefiore Award. This honor is awarded every five years, and in 2010, the award recognizes fundamental contributions to smart grids or smart electricity networks. The award will be presented at the Montefiore Award Workshop on "Challenges and Opportunities of Electric Energy Systems of the Future," which will take place in Liege, Belgium on September 16.

The award includes a cash prize of 25,000 euros that Sakis will share with award co-recipient Goran Andersson of ETH-Zurich. Sakis will use his monies to finance the Clayton Griffin Student Award, which is presented at the annual Protective Relaying Conference that he coordinates each year, and another student award at the Technical University of Athens, Greece, where he earned his undergraduate degree. Thank you, Sakis, for representing ECE and Georgia Tech in such an outstanding manner.

Best regards

Gary S. May
Professor and Steve W. Chaddick School Chair 
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Georgia Institute of Technology 


June 1, 2011 - Everyone:

I am pleased to let you know that as of June 1, 2011, Joe Goldenburg will be the official Section Leader for the NEETRAC Mechanical Section.  Since he joined the Mechanical Section in late 2010, he has demonstrated significant technical prowess in the area of mechanical testing and engineering consultation.  He has also demonstrated strong, positive leadership skills.  The staff reporting to Joe will include:

Glenn Barr - Brent Minter - John Forrest -Dylan Robinson

Damion Robinson via Glenn Barr

Johnny Glisson (September 2011)

Pam Thompson-Duke (Tech Temp working on the DOE Connector Project)

Co-ops: Nate Brex & John Smith-Pallisen

Together, Joe and I will serve as joint Program Managers for the Baseline Hardware Projects Focus Area.  I expect that he will fully take over this role by the end of this year. Joe has been increasingly coordinating work in the Mechanical Section, so I expect that the transition to “official” Mechanical Section Leader will be essentially seamless.

I want to thank Joe for his willingness to take over this section.  We all look forward to new, expanded activities in the area of Mechanical Testing, Consultation and Research as Joe works to solidify the scope of this important area of NEETRAC activities.


Rick Hartlein

Director, Georgia Tech NEETRAC


May 20, 2011 - Georgia Tech Researchers Unlocking the Mystery of Lightning - Wsbtv.com - Channel 2 Action News Atlanta

NEETRAC's own Ray Hill (and Maxine) are featured in a larger story highlighting Georgia Tech's lightning researdch efforts. For just the video, click here.


April 8, 2010 - NEETRAC is awarded a Department of Energy (Federal Recovery Stimulus) grant for its project:

Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution Connector Selection & Installation Training - Develop training for line crews and engineers to enhance their skills in connector selection and installation, so that they can design, install, and maintain high reliability next generation networks.

Further details will be posted soon.


November 13, 2009 - Daily Planet: November 13, 2009 - Discovery Channel (video)


March 30, 2009 - Self-Cleaning, Low Reflectivity Surface Could Improve PV Cells - Georgia Tech Whistle


February 4, 2009 - Research Helps Protect Against Lightening Damage - Georgia Tech Research News

Last revised on September 4, 2014