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The Role of Technical Advisors
for NEETRAC Baseline Projects


Member employees have the opportunity to serve as Technical Advisors on NEETRAC collaborative (Baseline) projects. In this role, they provide guidance that maximizes the value of the project to their company and to the Membership as a whole. They also receive significant value by receiving project results as soon as they become available and by participating in discussions that shape the direction of the project. Participation typically includes conference calls, answering brief surveys and/or providing test samples. This typically takes less than one hour a month and travel is not required.


What is a Baseline Project?

A portion of each NEETRAC Member's annual fee is for the collaborative Baseline account, which is used to support projects of common interest to NEETRAC Members. The results and findings from these projects are shared with all companies that are NEETRAC Members during the time the project is active. Baseline projects last, on average, approximately 18 months.


What value do you receive from serving as a Technical Advisor on Baseline Projects?

•  You receive project results as soon as they become available.

•  You have first hand information on the progress / development of the project.

•  You network with other Technical Advisors from a diverse group of utilities and manufacturers.

•  You are able to suggest ways that the project addresses issues specific to your company.

•  You have immediate and direct access to the analysis and interpretation of project data.

•  You have the opportunity to provide input on the project deliverable (Presentation, Software, Tools, Report, etc.)


How are you kept informed of the project activities?

•  After each NEETRAC Management Board Meeting (January, May and September) you receive a copy of the project update slides.

•  You receive the project closeout slides presented to the Management Board, which provide a detailed summary of the project process,
findings and conclusions.

•  You receive draft and final copies of the project deliverable, typically in the form of a report.

•  You have the opportunity to participate in project specific surveys and receive copies of the survey results.

•  You have access to Conference Calls / Net Meetings throughout the course of the project.


How do you become a Technical Advisor?

•  You may be asked to serve as a Technical Advisor by your company's Management Board Representative

•  You may be asked by the NEETRAC project Principal Investigator based on their understanding of your interest/knowledge/experience in the area.

•  You may propose yourself to serve as a Technical Advisor.


NEETRAC maintains a database of all Technical Advisors and regularly provides each Member Management Board Representative a list of their company's Advisors.


What experience is required?

Technical Advisors may be:

•  Subject matter experts with multiple years of experience on the project topic or

•  Providers of information / samples

•  Novices who participate as a professional development opportunity.


Who may participate?

Technical Advisors must be an employee of a Member company. They are generally staff with a technical interest or market interest in the project.


How many Advisors can a company have?

Each Member may assign none, one or several Technical Advisors depending on the level of interest to the Member.


How can Technical Advisors share project information/data/results?

All Baseline interim project procedures, data, results, minutes and reports must remain confidential to NEETRAC Members before, during and after the project is complete. This confidentiality is critically important to maintain the integrity of the NEETRAC collaborative process and to meet any established non disclosure agreements with manufacturers and services providers. The final report will contain terms and conditions for how a very limited portion of the information may be shared, but this is only in effect once the final version of the report is distributed to the Members.


What does NEETRAC expect of Technical Advisors?

•  You will represent the status and perspective of your company.

•  Along with your Management Board Representative, you will solicit input from others in your company to help maximize the value of the project to your company and to the NEETRAC Membership.

•  Together with your Management Board Representative, you will disseminate the findings of the projects widely within your company.

•  You will review the project deliverables (Presentations, Software and Final Report).

•  You will raise any concerns (Technical or Commercial) during the course of the project .


Last revised on August 9, 2012