The National Electric Energy Testing, Research & Applications Center (NEETRAC), led by Joe Hagerman, NEETRAC Director, is a Member-focused center providing value-oriented research and testing services for the electric energy delivery industry, including electric utilities and manufacturers. Our mission is to advance our industry by providing innovative, impactful, pragmatic solutions to real problems related to the transmission and distribution of electric energy.

NEETRAC opened in 1996 as a research center within the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech, a top five engineering university with a central campus located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We serve as a gateway for our Members to the university’s faculty, students, and alumni.

The electric energy field is undergoing significant changes, including evolving regulations, aging infrastructure, the rise of new technologies, and the influence of distributed energy resources. These changes pose challenges for electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, and related industries, demanding cost-effective resource allocation, the development and implementation of innovative technologies, and the attraction and retention of skilled professionals who can navigate these shifts.

By fostering collaboration between NEETRAC and its Members, and by leveraging the resources available at Georgia Tech, the center plays a crucial role in helping the electric energy industry address these emerging challenges. The partnership between NEETRAC and the university provides a platform for knowledge exchange, research, and practical solutions that can contribute to the sustainable development and growth of the electric energy delivery sector.